Our Vision

The most energy efficient vehicle in the world is the covered recumbent bike. Using only human power, the world record for speed was 133 km/h. This only required 0.8 kW of energy. The idea behind Vilgard is to use this kind of efficiency where it is needed: as a building block for daily mobility.

Having focused on urban applications, we have created a new form of mobility. We have merged the needs of practicability, safety and comfort for day-to-day usage.

In manufacturing Vilgard, we continually ask ourselves the "sustainability question". By intelligent reduction and simplicity in the modules, we were able to create Vilgard in a manner that uses resources sparingly according to the cradle to cradle principle.


VeloX 3 by Human Power Team© Bas de Meijer

Robert Schulze

Executive & Founder

Daniel Roose

Vehicle Design & CAD Modelling

Robin Kornemann

Motion Design

David Rusitschka

Sound Design

Jarek Godlewski